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Laser marking (engraving)
Spring guns-> (189)
Gas guns-> (335)
AEG-> (657)
Shotguns-> (12)
Sniper rifles-> (59)
Grenade launchers-> (35)
Bazooka etc. (3)
Amunition 6mm-> (176)
Mortar imitation (7)
Profi Upgrade BAS (9)
Accesories-> (248)
Upgrade and Parts-> (1453)
Air Guns 4,5mm-> (55)
RAM and Paintball-> (57)
Non-Functional Firearms-> (14)
Protective gear-> (215)
DASTA holsters-> (466)
RADAR holster-> (30)
MAGNUM-> (247)
ARMY goods-> (1564)
Patches, pendants-> (520)
Model guns (2)
Fun and toys (4)
Pyrotechnics-> (22)
Magazines, Catalogues...-> (30)
Super discounts-> (17)
Discount sale-> (70)
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Patch US 2nd Support Command
Patch US 2nd Support Command
45,- Kč (CZK)
Warrior W4 SR-16
Warrior W4 SR-16
3.961,- Kč (CZK)
3.622,- Kč (CZK)
01.ASG CO2 cartridge 12g
02.ICS 0,25g 4000pcs
03.shootONE 0,25g 4000pcs
04.shootONE 0,20g 5000pcs
05.Goggles with frame clear
06.WARRIOR E.F. 0,20g 5000pcs
07.ICS 0,20g 5000pcs
08.WARRIOR E.F. 0,25g 4000pcs
09.ICS 0,23g 4350pcs
10.Green power gas 1000ml
Company Company
Jan Sulc - Bohemia Air Soft
Offices, service, warehouse:
Lanovska 1550, 190 16 Praha 9 - Ujezd nad Lesy (on maps)
Czech Republic (EU)
Ratajska 504, 190 16 Praha 9 - Ujezd nad Lesy (on maps)
Czech Republic (EU)

Company registration No.: 64768830
EU V.A.T. No.: CZ7610250043
Business license No.: 310007-266396-03, MU Praha 21 - ZO
Gun business license No.: 310025-10012-03, MU Praha 21 - ZO
Ammunition business license No.: 310025-10013-03, MU Praha 21 - ZO

All the guns and ammunition are tested and approved by the Czech Proof House for Firearms and Ammunition (
tel./fax - telephone switchboard:
Offices, service, warehouse (Lanovska 1550)
+420 281 972 592
+420 603 852 659
+420 733 640 601
fax: +420 281 972 592
Shop (Ratajska 504)
+420 774 774 378

E-maily: (management) (internet shop) (wholesale, export) (service) (direct retail store) (preparation and organisation of airsoft events, publicity)

Monday 9.00AM - 1.00PM 1.30PM- 5.00PM
Tuesday 9.00AM - 1.00PM 1.30PM- 7.00PM
Wednesday 9.00AM - 1.00PM 1.30PM- 3.00PM
Thursday 9.00AM - 1.00PM 1.30PM- 7.00PM
Friday 9.00AM - 1.00PM 1.30PM- 5.00PM
Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays Closed
Business time is noticed in local time (GMT+1)

Bohemia Air Soft is one of the biggest European airsoft retailers and internet shops. Bohemia Air Soft provides professional and efficient services not only in Czech Republic but also abroad. If you are interested in buying from us, please make order on our internet shop or visit our showroom.

Bohemia Air Soft is one of the biggest European airsoft importers with many direct contacts on producers. Bohemia Air Soft provides professional and efficient wholesale services to many airsoft retailers in Czech Republic and abroad. If you are interested in buying wholesale from us, please contact us on e-mail:

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E-shop, office and distribution
Service and sale of parts

Lanovska 1550, Praha 9
+420 281 972 592
+420 603 852 659
+420 733 640 601

Ratajska 504, Praha 9
+420 774 774 378

Business hours

Opening time

Shop - map
Service, Warehouse - map
Saturdays opening days in 2015
11.7./ 12.9./ 10.10./ 14.11./ 12.12./ 19.12.


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