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START G.20 full metal silver
START G.20 full metal silver
540,- Kč (CZK)
Warrior-JG SVU
Warrior-JG SVU
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Q&A content:

1. Who is Bohemia Air Soft
2. Airsoft - law and safety
3. Ordering
4. Shipping
5. Compilation and service
6. Technical questions
7. Details to description of the goods

1. Who is Bohemia Air Soft:

Who Bohemia Air Soft?
Jan Sulc - Bohemia Air Soft company is specialized importer, wholesaler, retails and internet shop for airsoft RAM and army goods. We are the biggest and the oldest existing company in this branch in Czech Republic with tradition from 1996. We are direct distributor of most of the respectable producers in this branch and we have also established business relations with most of important international distributors of airsoft products. We are not only concentrated on territory of Czech republic, but we distribute our products also to other Europien Union member countries or other countries. We do not only deal airsoft, but we have also license to rent guns, repair them and produce them.

Why to buy from Bohemia Air Soft?
There are a lot of airsoft distributors worldwide, but we have some benefits:
- We are stabile and strong company which will be here for you not only today but also after 10 years.
- We take maximum care of each your order and secure your personal data to make your internet shopping safety.
- We have not only wide assortment but also a lot of goods on stock to deliver you the goods faster.
- We have our own service department with skilled worker and stock of spare parts to repair your guns professionally and fast.
- BAS team is not only dealers. Most of us have real airsoft experiences to be able advise you also like a players do.

Where can I find you?
Our shop is located at:
Ratajska 504, 190 16 Praha 9 - Ujezd nad Lesy
tel: +420 774 774 378
e-mail: prodejna@airsoft.cz
(map - mapa)

Our servise, warehouse and company headquarter is located at:
Lanovska 1550, 190 16 Praha 9 - Ujezd nad Lesy
tel: +420 281 972 592
e-mail: bas@airsoft.cz
(map - mapa)

The distance between our shop in Ratajska street and our headquartered in Lanovska street is about 1 km (15 min walk or a bus stop). There are parking for customers in front of both of our buildings. Our location is easily accessible by Prague public transport.

2. Airsoft - law and safety:

Is there any international law regarding airsoft?
No you must follow your county law regarding to buy, own and use airsoft guns.

How old must I be to buy airsoft gun?
You must respect your country gun law in this way. You must be older than 18 years if you wish to buy airsoft in Czech Republic for example.

Are BBs also regulated?
You must respect your country gun law in this way. BBs are ammunition for air guns in Czech Republic for example so only 18 years alnd older can buy them in our country.

How about RAM?
RAM is the some like airsoft in Czech Republic, but look on your country gun law before you buy them - RAM is more powerful than airsoft.

Which EU category of guns is airsoft?
Airsoft in basically "D" category weapon in European Union, but each country can has specific requests on airsoft guns like only semi auto, limited power or "red muzzles" or players must have special licence.

Which limits must follow airsoft guns and airsofter in Czech?
You must follow law 119/2002 Sb about guns and ammunition. The basic (but not all) regulations are:
- to own and buy you must be 18 years and older (legal age)
- you can use them only in safe and public closed areas
- you can not carry airsoft visible on public open areas or use them drank or effected by drugs
- the airsoft guns must be under 16J to be in "D" category and must be approved by Czech Guns and Ammunition Testing House

How danger are airsoft guns?
Guns are always dangerous. You must use eyes protection like safety goggles during the game. The cover of skin is strongly recommended on all your body, other you can suffer painful harm by hit.

Which pyrotechnics you are selling here?
The pyrotechnics like smoke and sound grenades soled here is free to buy and use up 18 years of age in Czech Republic, but you must follow other countries law if you will export it abroad.

3. Ordering:

Do you sell abroad?
Yes we accept orders from abroad. We request credit car payment or bank prepayment to our bank account before we ship the goods (except of Slovakia where we accept also cash on delivery paiment). We do not accept Paypall or others. Postage and basic bank fee will be count to your order (see ordering procedure in our e-shop). There will be add the custom declaration fee for orders shipped to countries out of European Union, but the VAT will be count out this way.

Notice that real dysfunctional guns and some pyrotechnics are not free for export. Those items will be excluded from your order.

How to order?
1) You must create our account firstly. Notice that details from your account will be used later for payment and shipment, so fill all details carefully.
2) To create order follow those steps:
a) Add the itmes in requested quantities to your "shopping cart".
b) Continue the order procedure by "checkout".
c) You will select than payment method and shipping way.
e) Automatic e-mail reply you will receive immediately, later we will contact you on your e-mails with proforma invoice and details to pay.

Can I order the goods out of stock?
Yes you can we will inform you when it will be available.

How you will proceed my order?
System will send you automatic confirmation of your order immediately.

We will download your order morning next working day.

The orders paied by credit card are imedietly dispatch.

The goods for other orders (bank pre-painemt) will be prepared and reserved for you in our warehouse. We will prepare for you proforma invoice to pay.

This proforma invoice including detailed postage (can be different from the automatic one set by e-shop) we will send you to your e-mail including the details how to pay.

The goods will be reserved for you 14 days, if we will not receive payment from you or other info the order will be canceled.

The goods will be shipped to you immediately after the payment will be on our account.

How I will pay you?
We accept credit card paiment or bank pre-payment to our account if we will ship you the goods abroad. We accept also cash on delivery payments for shipments inside Czech republic and Slovakia (in Slovakia only for DPD shipments).

The bank details for bank pre-payment we will let you know back in e-mail after we will prepare all the goods for you. You can make the bank pre-payment to our accounts in CZK, EUR or USD. Please mention your preferable the currency to the notice by order and we will provide you the right info for payment. The prices are in CZK in our e-shop, so we use actual bank exchange currency rate for payment in EUR or USD.

Notice that the bank fee option must be set on shared "SHA" in your international money transfer order.

You can also pay us in cash if you will pick-up the goods directly in our shop in Prague. We accept CZK or EUR in cash, we accept also credit cards.

4. Shipment:

How you ship the goods?
We will send you the goods by post (Balik do ruky parcel in Czech republic and EMS or air priority parcel internationally) or DPD. The DPD we recommend for all EU countries. The EMS we use for shipments outside EU (USA, Asia,…). The price for shipment is based on destination and weight you will see during the ordering procedure.

5. Compilation and service:

Did you provide warranty?
Yes we provide you 2 years standard European Union style warranty on production cased malfunctions of the goods (if you select "decoration discount" the warranty cover only malfunctions which are related to this usage). The international shipment is covered by the client, we cover only domestic shipment in case of warranty service.

I receive other products as I order?
We take the highest care to manage every order, but in case that any such mistake happened please contact us imedietly. We will instruct you how to solve it. All the replenishment will be on our account.

I broke the gun. What I can do?
You can contact our service on e-mail: (servis@airsoft.cz)

What I shall to send you with the gun to service?
Send us:
- gun with all the accessories included
- in case of AEG we recommend you to send us also your battery and charger to check them
- original warranty list
- short letter with description of problem, how it happened, your back post adders, e-mail and telephone and list of all items and accessories you sent us.
Notice that we recommend you to send the goods in original box - this box provide the best cover for the gun during the transport.

What cover EU warranty?
This warranty cover only production caused malfunctions of the products. No user made malfunctions are warranty matter the same like ware down.

Do you upgrade or modify guns?
Yes we can do this for you. Contact our service for details.

6. Technical questions:


How far shot this gun?
Shooting distance and accuracy is not guaranteed by the producers.

The reasonable shooting distances are:
- 35m with full auto metal gearbox AEG
- 15 až 20m with gas blow back guns
- 20 až 25m with spring rifles
- 10 až 15m with spring and gas pistols.

This is only approximate distance based on our experiences without any warranty.

Which gun is better?
Every user has his preferences and requests so every one has different perfect gun. You can ask our staff to recommend you, but you must let us know something about you, your ideas and airsoft game style.

Is better spring, gas or electric operated gun?
Hard to say, but for general airsoft game are the best long AEG rifles and as a side arm gas blow back pistols. For youngest we recommend you low power spring pistols.

What is hop-up?
It is special rubber tooth in barrel which gives BBs back spin rotation. Hop-up makes shooting distance longer. Some guns are without them, some has fixed and some regulated one. The best is two way (up and dow, left and right) regulated one.

Why airsoft do not have the some barrels like real guns?
Airsoft barrels and BBs must have space tolerance otherwise hop-up can not be functional.

How to grease airsoft guns?
Spring and electric guns you grease only by service. Gas guns must be greased regularly by user (approx. each 10 magazines). Use only silicon style oil and grease or other which are used for plastic and rubber parts. Never use oils for real arms and antirust or cleaning oils - it will destroy your gun! You can use also one drop of oil on cotton to clean your barrel.

Which oil you recomend?
Buy any oil for our e-shop. If you will buy oil in drug store we will not overtake any warranty for this.

Why are china made guns so cheap?
They use cheaper materials and not so accurate production, this make them cheap but not so high quality one. Probably you will notice it on life time of the gun and you can have also some problems with compatibility of upgrade parts. If you not professional and if you do not wish to upgrade your gun we can recommend you to buy them, but buy together quality charger and battery. The one included in the gun package are not so good.

Spring guns:

Must be cocked before every shot?
Yes they must be, they are like normal air guns.

How I cock the gun?
The pistols are cocked by slide, the long arms has cocking handle.

Can I upgrade spring gun to electric?
No the guns are totally diferent.

Can I spring gun upgrade?
There are only some upgrades for spring sniper rifles.

Can I make hop-up to non hop-up gun?
There are no upgrades for this and made it at home bring not good results. We recommend you to buy hop-up gun directly.

Electric guns:

Can I cock AEG like spring gun when my battery is out?
No AEG guns can not do it generally, only some specific guns are dual power.

Must I cock AEG before every shot?
No AEGs are auto and full auto guns.

What is "na jednorázové použití"?
We notice this to the guns with plastic gearbox which has limited life time and which are not repaired by us.

Which battery can I use in AEG?
AEG guns used special battery sets with 8,4V or 9,6V (sometimes: min. 7,2V to max. 12V) from rechargeable NiCd or NiMH cells. There are a lot of different shapes of batteries the basic ones are LP (big), SP (small) and LL (long). Some guns has totally specific batteries.

The Li-Pol batteries can be also used.

How to charge the NiCd and NiMH battery?
Use only recommended charger. If your charger is not automatic one find the charging time in the info. If there is no info yous this formula:
time [hour] = 1,2 * (capacity of the battery cells [mAh] / output form charger [mA]).

Can I use Li-Pol batteries for AEG?
Yes you can use Li-Pol baterie for airsoft guns. Li-Pol battery 7,4V, replace NiCd a NiMH battery 8,4V and Li-Pol 11,1V, replace 9,6V and stronger one. Li-Pol batteries has smaller size and higher capacity than NiCD or NiMH batteries, that why many players choice them, but they need the proper care and special chargers. We recommend them only for skilled and informed users.

How to charge Li-Pol batteries?
you can not charge Li-Pol batteries with standard chargers for NiCd a NiMH batteries. It is necessary to buy special Li-Pol charger. To charge those batteries you use service plug (the second plug on battery).

Are Li-Pol batteries safe?
Yes they are safe if you use them right way. Li-Pol are all around you also in your mobile. To use Li-Pol safe way in your AEG follow those rules:
- charge them only with recommended charger on your watch and on nonflammable surface
- do not undercharge them in your gun
- protect them from mechanical destruction
- do not use them if they are any way damaged

Which plugs used airsoft guns?
Standard AEG plugs are big TAMIYA (LP battery) and small TAMIYA (SP and LL), but there are also other ones.

Which plug I have in gun?
See above.

Which reduction cable I use?
Reduction cable is used to charge battery with small plug from charger with big plug. Reversal reduction cable is used to connect battery with big plug to the gun with small plug.

Gas guns:

Can I cock gas gun like the spring one when I am out of gas?

Must I cocked the gun before each shot?
No only gas blow back you must cocked before first round.

Did exist summer or winter gas?
There are only small divergences in gas types. You can use our gas for all season in Europe and you do not need any special summer gas, but there is no gas which work well in low temperatures. We recommend you to use gas bottles around 1000ml.

Which kind of gas exist?
There are three main gas types used in airsoft:
- Green Gas (Red Gas,… and similar) - it is standard gas used in most guns
- Forane - Japanese non flammable gas with lower power than Green Gas, use them only in Japanese guns (you can not use Green Gas in them)
- CO2 - now popular gas source used in many new guns, delivered in one use 12g cylinders

Can I refill Green Gas bottles?
No it is not possible and it is DANGEROUS!

Can I use other gas in my gun like propan-butan, lighter gas,…?
No it is DANGEROUS and it can destroy your gun.

How many shots will give my gas?
We say that 1ml of green gas is one shoot, so for example 1000ml bottle is around 1000 shoots.

What can I do when the gas leak from magazine?
It is normal that the gas start to leak after some time of usage. Try to clean your magazine and lubricate the valves, if it did not help contact service or by new magazine.

What is the recommended temperature to use the gas gun?
We do not recommend you to use gas gun in temperatures under +10C or over +30C.

Can I left magazine filled by gas for longer time?
No when you finish the game shoot all gas out from magazine. This is the some with CO2, you must take the CO2 cartridge out or the gas will damage you magazine.

What is blow-back?
Blow-back is imitation of slide movement. It exist also false electric blow-back on some AEGs and electric pistols.

Are blow-back guns stronger than non blow-back gas guns?
Yes and no, blow-back have no influence on the power of gun.


Who will refill my CO2 cylinders?
CO2 RAM cylinders can refill you any paintball field. Please inform them that they must check the weight of gas inside after filling. We can also refill you the CO2 cartridges.


Which holster can I use for my pistol?
Please look on description by holsters., not only the size, but also the shape of the gun is important this way.

Can I mount scope or dot sight on my gun?
You need scope mount rail to do it. There are used RIS (Weaver) rail on most airsoft guns.

Can I mount laser or flah light on my gun?
Look to the gun law if it is allowed (for example Czech gun law look on laser sights like on forbidden items). To mount laser or flash light you will need RIS rails or special barrel mounts.

Do you have spare magazine for my gun?
Yes we have spare magazines for most of the guns in our offer. Please contact our staff if you can not find the right one.

What is the high and low capacity magazines?
High capacity magazines feed the BBs with "clock" mechanism. Low capacity magazines used the standard spring.


What diameter of BBs is used?
Most airsoft guns used 6mm BBs, only some special Japanese guns used 8mm BBs (it is noticed in gun details).

How heavy BBs must I use?
The weight of BBs corresponds with the power of your gun. If you gun is more powerful you will need heavier BBs.

0,12 - 0,20g BBs for spring pistolsy
0,20 - 0,25g BBs for higher power spring guns
0,20 - 0,25g BBs for gas guns
0,12 - 0,20g BBs for low power electric guns with plastic gearbox
0,20 - 0,25g BBs for standard AEG and AEP
0,25g BBs and heavier for upgraded guns and AEG with M120 spring

Can I use non brand BBs?
No wrong quality BBs can destroy your gun.

Which brand of BBs is the best?
Hard to say every user has his favorite. We recommend you to use ICS, King and Warrior BBs.

Do you have painting BBs?
No painting BBs are dangerous for your guns (easy broke inside).

What is the BBs material?
Most BBs are plastic one, but exist also ecological one from biodegradable plastic materials.

8. English information:

Please excuse us. English info and description of the goods is not ready now. You can write us e-mail with any your question on address: bas@airsoft.cz or obchod@airsoft.cz for any help.

Short vocabulary:
RAM - real action markers (real action paintball)

7. Details to description of the goods

Airsoft - airsoft products
manualy - spring operated guns
   kratke - short (pistols, revolvers)
   dlouhe - long (SMG, rifles)
plynovky - gas operated guns
   klasicke - non blow back
   blow back - blow back
   samopaly - SMG
elektriky - AEG (automatic electric guns)
sniperky - sniper ryfles
brokovnice - shotguns
granatomety - grenadelaunchers
zasobniky - magazines
dalsi prislusenstvi - acessories
baterie, nabijecky - batteries, chargers, plugs
   baterie - batteries
      SP batteries - small packs
      LP batteries - large packs
      TP batteries - special shaped packs
      LL batteries - one long line packs
   nabijecky - chargers
   konektory a kabely - plugs
hnaci plyny - gas (Green Gas, Forane, CO2,…)
BB 6mm kulicky - BBs
oleje a mazadla - grease
upgrade a dily - upgrade and parts

Optika, RIS - scopes, mounts, RIS systems
Bryle, masky - goggles, protective masks
Pouzdra a vystroj - holsters, slings, tactical equipment
Pyrotechnika - pyrotechnics

Aditional info for description of Electric gun:
*)(1) All technical details can be changed without prior notice.
*)(2) Recommendation is subjective by BAS.
*)(3) Weights and dimensions are only approximate.
*)(4) Real markings represent logo or name of producer of the real gun or other realistic writings on the gun body.
*)(5) Compatibility is defined on basic power parts (gears, piston and spring) for each gearbox shape. Guns produced in China may need some extra adjustments to place other parts in.
*)(6) Capacity of magazine is only approximate.
*)(7) Magazines from other producer may need some adjustments.
*)(8) Compatibility is noticed for battery with recommended voltage.
*)(9) There is not possible to mount silencer on the gun without silencer screw expect special silencers noticed.
*)(10) There is not possible to mount scope or dot sight if the gun has no mount rail for them. There are special scope / dot sights mounts for some guns in our offer.
*)(11) Declared life time is only guaranteed life time by producer in standard operation conditions. The real life time is usually much longer if the gun has proper care.
*)(12) Recommended weight of BBs in based only on our experiences and can be different by user or outer conditions.
*)(13) Shooting speed in only approximate and can be different gun to gun in range of +/- 30%.
*)(14) Package contain can be changed without prior notice.

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