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ESS Crossbow, Clear Lens
ESS Crossbow, Clear Lens
960,- Kč (CZK)
CYBG Colt M45 full metal CO2
CYBG Colt M45 full metal CO2
3.781,- Kč (CZK)
3.268,- Kč (CZK)
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About airsoft
Airsoft begun in 1960s in Japan and developed itself from non-working replicas. Because in Japan gun ownership is very restricted, collecting of gun replicas is very popular. Mid 1970s saw introduction of first mechanical guns firing plastic balls very similar to airguns pellets. In the beginning of 1980s most of airsoft guns were firing 6mm plastic BBs. This quickly became standart for most manufacturers and remains this position ever since. In 1980s airsoft guns started to be more and more acurate replicas of real weapons usually powered by compresed air. Thanks to this airsoft started expanding to neighboring asian countries and even USA. 1990s saw introduction of first electric powered guns and airsof expanded beyond Asia. After 2000 first cheap chinese guns meant airsoft became regular hobby available for everyone. First airsoft guns were imported to Czech republic in early 90s by modeling companies. Inadequate sortiment and availability of airsoft guns were main reasons to founding Bohemia airsoft company in 1996. Airsoft has tens of thousands players and czech airsoft comunity is one of largest in world. For this reason some of Europes largest airsoft events take place in Czech republic. Airsoft is hobby suitable for every age either if you want to to go out shooting with your friends or you are just weapons collector. If you loved shooting airgun as a kid, airsoft will give you lot more intense experience. if you want to start with airsoft you need only gun, ammunition and necessary protective googles - Without protective googles you risk serious injury! In Czech republic airsoft guns belong to firearms D category. According to law no. 119/2002 Sb. §15 are all offered guns their parts and ammunition of D category salable only to persons of age 18 or older and legaly capable or legal entities. For this category gun license is not required but it is subject to all laws relating to firearms Using the weapons of D category by minor is possible only under the supervision of another person aged 18 or over, just like the shooting of the classic airgun.

Spring operated guns
Spring guns are powered by same principle as airguns - compressed air. Before every shot you have to cock the gun with cocking handle. This action will move piston to rear position and pulling the trigger will release it. Spring will push the piston forward and compress the air in cylinder and push it through nozzle into chamber which will give power to BB. Spring operateg guns are generally cheaper, more reliable and require less mainetenance. Their great advantage is good function under every condition. They are made mostly of plastic but some more expensive models are made of metal. Sniper rifles are usually made of metal with plastic stock. Spring pistols and shotguns are meant for beginning players, but sniper rifles are ideal for experienced players. Sniper rifles are not recomended for beginners. For operating every spring gun you need enough strength to cock the spring.

Gas operated guns and gasses
Gas operated guns are powered by compressed gasses, mostly based on Propane mixtures (Green Gas) or CO2. Gas is stored in small bottles or cartridges and before use it is transfered to the tank in gun. After pulling the trigger gas is released into the chamber where its pressure will give its energy to BB.
Gas Guns offer wide range of prices from very cheap guns to exclusive models of long guns. Main advantage of gas guns is realistic function, characteristic sound, blowback and also power. On the other hand their disadvantages are mainetance requiremnts and senstivity to lower temperatures and its quick jumps. These guns offer best shooting experience of all airsoft guns, but they wore out faster and inadequate mainetanence accelerates process. For mainetenance use silicone oil only, not oil for real guns or sewing machines (like WD40).
Gas operated pistols and small SMGs are frequently used as secondary guns to long electric guns. These can be very acurate replicas of real pistols. Long gas guns (SMG, assault and sniper rifles) are purchased by people who want more realistic shooting experience and prefer realism to practicality. Gas pistols are suitable for most players but long gas guns are recomended only for seasoned players who know how to properly maintain gas gun.

Electric guns, baterries and chargers
Electric guns - AEG operate at same principle as spring guns but cocking is done by electric motor powered by rechargable battery. This mechanism allows full automatic fire or busts limited to preset number of shots.
Electric guns are most widespread kind of airsoft guns on market. Prices start at 3000 KÄŤ and increases depending on the model and performance. AEGs are mostly replicas of long guns and SMGs. Main advatanges are low requirements on mainetenance, power and automatic fire. Nevertheless every AEG should be serviced once a year.
Batteries are of four types – NiCd, Ni-Mh, Li-Ion, Li-Pol. They are all rechargable and their durability is given by their capacity (mAh). For more powerfull guns it is necessary to use higher voltage (V). In present Ni-Cd a Ni-Mh batteries are being extruded by Li-Pol baterries which are lighter, allow for faster recharge and are smaller with same capacity. There are also different types of baterry connectors. Chargers are not usual part of gun package. Cheaper models require constant oversight because they are not equiped with charge control. More expensive models have automatic shutdown after fully charging battery.
If the chosen charger is fitted with different type connector than battery you have to use reduction adapter.
Superior AEGs are not equipped with baterry and charger and you have to purchase them separately. Cheaper bateries and chargers added to guns serve only to test guns function and are unsuitable for longer use (especially chargers).
AEGs are suitable for most players either beginners or experienced ones. Beginners must watch for shooting discipline because AEGs have large ammo consumption.
Distinctive category is AEP. These are scaled down AEGs with same principle and about half the power. Another catogories are „ELE.“ and MICRO. These guns are of simple construction for single use. They are not meant for repairs or modifications.

Other Airsoft guns
Revolvers – manufactured as spring or gas operated. BBs are mostly inserted into reusable cartridge replicas. Gas operated versions contain gas tank or CO2 cartridge in handle. Spring operated versions have piston inside handle which is cocked by faucet. Most revolvers have movable drum.
Grenade launchers – Grenade launcher is only launching device. For operation it requires grenade. 40mm grenades are usable in most types of launchers (not all of them). Grenade contains both BBs and gas and is reusable. After pulling the trigger shell releases compresed gas and pushes all BBs out at once. Grenade itself remains inside launcher and can be reused. Launchers are powered standart Green Gas or CO2.
Rocket launchers – Special variant of grenade launchers. These weapons are replicas of anti-tank weapons using standart 40mm airsoft grenades.

BBs ammunition
Airsoft ammunition are manufactured in standart caliber 6mm. Other calibers are very rare (8mm for example). 6 mm BBs differ with quality of material, surface finish, precision dimension and of course weight. Weight of BBs starts at 0,12g and grows up to 0,43g. Weight of BBs for your gun depends on guns power. more powerfull gun needs heavier BBs.Most used BBs are 0,20 - 0,25g. Mostly you can use for spring guns 0,12 - 0,25g BBs, for Gas guns 0,20 - 0,28g, for AEG 0,20 - 0,30g and for sniper rifles use BBs 0,25g and higher. Of course it depends on particular weapon. For example gun with muzzle speed 100 m/s uses 0,20 - 0,25 BBs.
BBs of same weight from different manufacturers can have different characteristics thanks to stated above influences (precision, finish). We recomend to try different brands and weights of BBs to reach optimal results.
Thanks to current ecological trends tou can also buy bio-degradable BIO ammunition which decomposes in nature in 1-5 years.
To use Tracer BBs you have to equip you gun with tracer suppressor, chamber or magazine.
Do not use cheap BBs fron markets or tent sales. They are of very low quality in every aspect (diameter, surface finish). In high end guns can cause serious damage in chaber or clog barrel. Such damages are outside warranty and are easily recognized by service technicians. Repairs of such extent can cost up to thousands of crowns.

RAM and Paintball
Paintaball is a well-known and widespread hobby, therefore it is not necessary to introduce. RAM - Real Action Maker - is based on the concept of paintball, only makes it more realistic given the realistic weapons and limited tanks with a very simple imitation cartridges. Both these types of guns differ from airsoft weapons by design and performance. They are powered by compressed gas (CO2, compressed air) and shoots marking projectiles of calibers .68 or .43. Paintball standard is .68 caliber, While RAM uses typically .43 caliber. These projectiles many people know as "dye blobs" because after being hit they leave color traces. Ammunition is usually filled with liquid color or powder. Air / CO2 is usually stored inside arms or external tanks. Most players carry a large pressure bottle with a specific gas pressure relief valve to refill gun tank in the field.

Airguns 4,5mm
Gas-powered weapons usually powered by 12 g CO2 cartridges shooting 4.5 mm spherical steel BBs. You can not shoot a different projectiles. These weapons are very similar to 6 mm airsoft gas guns. They also have a smooth bore barrel, some models also have blow back. They are made both pistols and long gun.
Please note that these weapons are intended only for target shooting. When shooting at a live target you risk serious injury !!!
Attention to fire these weapons you can not use lead BBs !!!

Deactivated guns
Originally live weapons, now inoperable, suitable as a decoration or as a complement to the activities of military history club.
Weapons and ammunition are deactivated according to § 39 par. 2 point. a) Act no. 119/2002 Coll., on firearms and ammunition as amended, and Decree 371/2002 Coll., laying down a procedure when disposing of weapons, ammunition and their production cuts, as amended. Arms and ammunition supplied a certificate of impairment.
Sale of deactivated weapons is restricted to people of 18 years or older.
Only intended for sale in the Czech Republic. Can not be sent abroad. Because of the transport conditions may be excluded from certain types of transport. We will inform you on the details when processing your order.

Accessories for weapons which are freely sold. These accessories are not only aiming devices like red dot sight and riflescopes, but also weapon sling, imitation of silencers, tactical grips or rail mounts.

Holsters, Cases & Equipment
In our product category ARMY goods you can find all the necessary equipment and accessories, designed not only for airsoft, but also for professional use and outdoor. For airsoft players and military we offer both commercial and original equipments. You can find vests, pouches, flasks, clothes etc. At some clothes we don´t have a size chart there, it is recommended to also write a note of your size into your order. For some types of clothing is available size chart.
We have also a wide range of professional products from brands DASTA, MAGNUM and RADAR.
Note that some products are only available on request !!

Our product range includes both classic pyrotechnics and imitation. Classic pyrotechnics includes commercially available pyrotechnics – petards and smoke grenades, for airsoft purpose only. Our products are safety certified by Czech Office for testing Firearms and Ammunition.
Sales only to persons over 18 years old, in case of smoke grenades to people 21 years old after the registration of identity card numbers.
Imitations of pyrotechnics involves imitation of real bombs, grenades and smoke grenades without flammable or explosive mixtures. Depending on the design they make noise or shoot BBs. They are usually powered by gas (Green Gas or CO2 cartridges). We also offer purely visual decorations and dummy grenades. In the case of imitation of pyrotechnics it is an Over the Counter product.

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